I’m a social media curmudgeon

Here’s my confession: I’m not really a social media person. Actually, if you’ve ever looked at any of my social media accounts, this will not be a confession or a surprise. I try to love Twitter, really I do. There are some funny, clever people who are killing it on Twitter, and I wish I could be them. But sometimes I look at my feed and wonder what the point of it is. I think about tweeting something and then I delete it. And then I forget to look at Twitter at all for an entire month straight.

Facebook appeals to me more than Twitter—I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to. But I don’t like Facebook’s selective filtration of what I get to see in my news feed. (Why can’t I see it all in real time, Facebook? Rhetorical question—I know why.) And sometimes I feel like saying anything on Facebook is like yelling into the wind and hoping someone—anyone—will hear me.

Then there are the ‘likes’ that infect my newsfeed with clutter.

I liked one recipe page and suddenly all I could see was about 3000 easy dinners that Samantha Blogger was telling me she needs to have in her life. (Yes, that slow cooker soup looks great, but just between us, aren’t you a tiny bit too excited about it? And while we’re talking here, how do you possibly have enough time to make that many posts on your Facebook page IN ONE DAY? I’d like to know. Really.)

I want to like Pinterest because I have a minor obsession with historical dresses and men with beards. Yes, both minor obsessions, I swear. (Hello, Worth gowns! Hello, this guy!) But Pinterest always wants me to use the app on my iPad, and I don’t like the app, and it takes time to sort through all the claptrap I don’t care about, and honestly, I forget to look at Pinterest at all for two months straight and sometimes three. (And yes, I, a thirty-three-year-old woman in the year 2017, just used the word ‘claptrap’ outside of a historical romance novel. I remain unashamed.)

I think I tried Tumblr for about five minutes before I was like “oh look, ‘The Bachelor’ is on” and gave up.

Yeah, you’re getting the point by now. I can’t help it. I have all the things. I just don’t like them. I’m not sure if I will ever like them. Or use them the way one is supposed to use them. I haven’t tweeted since August and it’s January. I haven’t posted to Facebook since November. It’s not that I’ve been kidnapped and am being held for ransom in Antarctica or that I’ve somehow found a time machine and I’m off at a country house party wearing a fabulous silk gown, sipping wine, and ogling a duke who looks like Richard Armitage. For one thing, Mr. Scott would most certainly not approve of either scenario, and for another, they’re both equally highly unlikely.

Nope. I’m just a social media curmudgeon.

I don’t like it. But, like jogging, I’ll keep trying it every once in a while, hoping that something miraculous will happen and I’ll change my mind.

Oh, and one small update before I go for those inclined to care: work continues on Sweet Scandal. Still aiming for late spring 2017 release. Au revoir for now, darlings.