~~~Darling Duke is HERE!~~~

Make room on your e-reader for a brooding, sexy duke with a dark past and the free-spirited hellion with a penchant for naughty books. Can she thaw his icy heart? Find out now! One-click here to read FREE in Kindle Unlimited or order your copy. 

Here’s one more snippet…

“Take it, then.” His voice was a low, decadent rumble to her senses. His eyes had dipped to her mouth, and she felt that gaze like a kiss. Her lips tingled.

For a moment, she had forgotten he spoke about the book in her hands, the shallow prize she had at last wrested from him. She blamed it upon his eyes, so vibrant and green that she swore she had never seen a shade as beautiful. And the angular lines of his handsome face, that ruggedly masculine stubble clinging to his jaw that made him seem somehow powerful and seductive all at once. Not to mention his sensual lips, that defined upper bow she longed to kiss.

“Take it and go, Lady Boadicea,” he repeated, though he had not released his grip upon her waist. “The longer you linger here, the more likely you are to end up on your back in that bed, and we will have to hasten our nuptials even more than already necessary.”

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