Sweet Scandal Cover Reveal

My latest historical romance Sweet Scandal, book 4 in the Heart’s Temptation series, is chugging right along with an ETA of May 2017. You heard it here first.

Yes, I’m ready to put an Actual Month on the release date rather than a Vague Seasonal Guess, which is what I’ve been doing for the last little while. (Don’t worry, I’m never moving again, I swear!) So anyway, that means we’re heading in the right direction!

Levi and Helen are proving very fun for me to write. I’ve enjoyed where their story has taken me so far and I hope you’ll feel the same way when it finds its way into your hands a few months from now.

And along those lines, we have cover art, people. Have a gander at it. I think it’s wonderfully lovely. Until next time, happy reading, and I strongly encourage you to ogle a picture of Richard Armitage today if you haven’t already done so.

Scandalously delicious new cover

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